Kit Chase is the managing editor of The North Texas Journal. She lives in Gainesville, Texas, is married, and has four children. In addition to her collection of fantasy fiction, she has written and appeared in a murder mystery comedy for a dinner theater, produced in her local community. She can be reached at

Diane E. Dees is a psychotherapist and writer in south Louisiana. Her essays and short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Thema, The Raven Chronicles, Southern Ocean Review, The Melic Review, The Dead Mule, The Louisiana Review, and other publications. She and her husband are the webmasters of, a virtual rock and roll restaurant. She can be reached at

Jacob Fawcett is an English major in his early twenties who spends time wandering between his hometown of Harrisonburg, Virginia and his current residence just outside of Washington DC. He fully expects to begin a successful literary career upon graduation, and anticipates marrying a beautiful wife with a tolerance for naive optimism. More of his writing can be found at and he can be reached at

Edison McDaniels is a Commander and staff neurosurgeon for the US Navy in Virginia, where he performs over 250 operations a year. His novel, Touching the Hand of God, a medical thriller ghost story, will be published in January 2003 by Medium Rare Books. He is married and has four children. You may visit his web site at, and he can be reached at

Regina Phelps has been published in small presses such as Happy, Satire, The Fiction Primer, Dogwood Tales, and others. Recently she gave a second fiction reading in Manhattan. She lives on Long Island in New York and is a wife to a lobsterman, a mother of two and a grandmother of four. She has just finished her first novel and is working on another. She can be reached at