Welcome to the Premiere Issue of The Summerset Review, a quarterly online literary journal of fiction and essays.

This is being brought to you without profit, and in fact, without revenue of any sort. Bad business model, you say? Not really. Business is far from our intention.

We hope that the pieces collected here inspire readers and affect them in some way. Stories are about connections, and art is the medium. This might very well exceed what any business could seek to accomplish.

The Fall 2002 issue features the fantastical fiction of Kit Chase; we happen upon the enchanting relationship of Lady Q and George the Dragon, busy on one of their adventures sharing strawberry juice and constructing a shower with innovative plumbing approaches.

Regina Phelps introduces us to her outrageous Flower family. Meet the bunch, including Mama Lilac, sisters Iris and Peony, Grandma Heather, and of course, our dear character from whom the story gets its title, Hydrangea.

Diane E. Dees brings us into the world of the Louisiana Creole tomato. Did you know such a variation existed? Do you think you can balance the hot, southern summer misery with a freshly-prepared BLCreoleT?

Dr. Edison McDaniels shares “The Crucible” with us, a heart-wrenching tale that we hope never to experience ourselves, filled with vivid details in the operating room that only a doctor could describe.

Jacob Fawcett shares three unrelated short shorts about love. "Dairy Queen Dream," "That Absurd Memory," and "Empty Street (A Faulkner Imitation)," remind us that it isn't always mutual bliss.
We would like to thank the contributors for their work, and we appreciate your interest in this literary journal.

Joseph Levens, Editor
S. Malkah Cohen, Associate Editor
Amy Leigh Owen, Associate Editor

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