With this issue, we celebrate our First Anniversary on the Internet, and hope that what we have released thus far has been enjoyable and inspiring. It’s a bit ironic that the traditional gift for a First Anniversary is paper, and here we are, a modest little literary journal that exists at present only online. (We have, however, provided a downloadable form of the issue in Adobe Acrobat Reader .PDF format, if you’d like to print it out for yourself.)

The results of our Readers’ Poll are in. We asked you to name a favorite story, article, or book. Click here to see the list, and don’t be shy to try a few suggestions – there are some wonderful ideas for reading.

We’re happy to give you another interview with a fiction editor in our Fall 2003 issue. Our previous interviews were well-received, and so we thought we would do another, this time with Jennifer Spiegel of Hayden’s Ferry Review.

Also included in this issue are four brilliant stories we enjoyed very much. Leading us off is Tony O’Brien, whose short “The New Geometry For Girls” uses mathematics to describe a life, a love, a life-long longing.

Although you may never have realized, some interesting parallels between dog breeding and human relationships apparently exist, and these are drawn for us by Susan H. Case, in her story “Breeding and Grooming.”

Possibly more of a traditional rather than contemporary piece, Tom Sheehan’s “The Idyll of Staff Bickerston” tells the tale of a family and a house that is slowly slipping from them, and the way adversaries sometimes turn into friends.

From Bulgaria, Zdravka Evtimova gives us “The Violin,” the story of a mother and an aunt who put on their chiffon dresses each night and recreate Mozart and Schubert for guests and relatives, and their intermingling.

Thanks goes out to our contributors and all those who have submitted for consideration in this issue.

Joseph Levens – Editor
S. Malkah Cohen – Assistant Editor
Amy Leigh Owen – Assistant Editor
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