I am interested in all types of photography, but most of all I like taking pictures of faces, expressions. Even when out without the camera I watch people, try to read their thoughts or mood. This is not something that I make a conscious effort to achieve; it's just the way it is.

When shooting candid pictures, I am conscious of the people around me, watching me. There is no point in hiding; if you are in the street with a camera bag on your back and a full-sized SLR on your chest you are sure to be noticed. I particularly like to shoot in locations where the camera is expected, at carnivals, parades and events. Nobody worries too much about a camera in these places. A smile, a nod, a thank you or 'please' goes a long way towards making the subject feel at ease, whether before or after the shot.

Is it an invasion of privacy or a celebration of humanity? There are different opinions on that question. I only shoot with permission, or when the subject has elected to venture out into a public place. For me it's a celebration.

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