What interests me most in photography, which I think appears in the images selected here, is being part of the scene. I never steal an image and I'm not intrusive to the subject. I use short lenses, and always build a rapport before shooting. Sometimes, subjects are not looking at me but they are never surprised. While creating a certain level of connection, I try to find angles and light, and I'm drawn to saturated colors and contrasts. Finally, I try to center on what drew me to take the picture in the first place.

Shooting images of children gives me the most pleasure, especially when photography becomes just another game to play. Salomé and Isoline are two great models. Still, I enjoy traveling to Asia and spending time just meeting people.

Since 2000, I have shot more than 200,000 images and have focused intensely on photography. Some of my images have been published but it has been more by accident than through my own doing. I still try to define my style, understand what drives me, and strive to produce images I feel are interesting for both myself and others.

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