Julie Ann Castro,
a native of San Francisco, has a B.A. in Communications from St. Mary’s College of California and has attended creative writing workshops at the University of California at Berkeley. Her work has appeared in the poetry anthology, "Great Poems of the Western World." She lives in Spain, where she is currently working on a collection of short stories and her first novel. She can be contacted at jcfiction@hotmail.com.

Bill Glose
is a graduate of Virginia Tech, a former paratrooper, and a Gulf War veteran. Six years ago, he walked away from a successful management position to dedicate his life to writing. Since then, he's written over 250 short stories and articles, which have been published in four countries, and in 2001 he won the F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Award. Currently, he is a columnist with Virginia Living and a frequent contributor to numerous other publications. He is working on a collection of literary short stories and a novel. Visit his website at www.BillGlose.com.

Graham Jeffery
has been interested in photography since a teenager, having practiced off and on for over thirty years. "When I took early retirement at the beginning of 2003 the hobby really blossomed. At last there was time to devote to my photos, and I have taken advantage of that time almost every day since. I shoot with a digital camera and do not miss the time spent in a darkroom. The modern cameras and software afford far more control over the final image than I was ever able to achieve with film." His website of photography is at www.sensitivelight.com.

William Starr Moake
grew up in a small town in Michigan and began his writing career at age nineteen as a reporter for a daily newspaper in South Florida. After majoring in anthropology in college, he freelanced as a travel writer-photographer during extensive travels over half the world. Moake is the author of two novels and a short story collection published as paperbacks since 1999. When he is not writing, he works as a freelance web designer and software programmer from his home in Honolulu. He has lived in the islands since 1972.

Philippe Tarbouriech
leads strategic development in a startup company working on technology to remove optical defects from images shot with digital cameras (and a few other yet to be announced secret tricks). Prior to that, he created the company Xenote, after inventing a device called the iTag that allowed for bookmarking of songs and ads playing on the radio. He had also worked seven years for Electronic Arts, a video game company, and was producer on SimCity3000. His website of photography is at www.phitar.com.

Carolyn Thériault’s
passport may be Canadian, but she’s unquestionably more at home in the kasbahs, souks and medinas of North Africa. A trained Egyptologist and classicist, she has traveled abroad with camera and notebook, preferring to describe her many misadventures as personal triumphs rather than adversities. She has contributed to various academic publications and, as co-founder of Urban Caravan Photography, has established a global clientele for her travel photographs. She is currently considering collaborating with 3M to create a high-quality duct tape that will keep her last waterpipe intact. She resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband.