Karen Kasaba’s
story, "Views Views Views" won Santa Barbara Magazine’s first annual fiction contest, and was performed live at Speaking of Stories. It currently appears online at Storyglossia. "Sparks" was published in the Winter 2000 issue of the Chariton Review and is archived online at www.collectedstories.com. Her essays and poetry have appeared in anthologies, magazines and newspapers including American Cinematographer, Hawaii Review, Westways, Byline, the Los Angeles Times, and the Santa Barbara Independent. She is the recipient of a Sherwill C. Corwin Award for playwriting. Her work as a screenwriter has earned multiple awards including an Emmy nomination.

Chris Ludlow,
whose artwork "Clock Detail, Musee d'Orsay" accompanies a story in this issue, is a founding partner and contributor to Urban Caravan Photography (www.urbancaravan.com). His photos have been sold world-wide and he is currently mapping out a transcontinental photographic expedition of the Mediterranean which he plans to encircle with his wife. Chris resides in Halifax, Canada with his writer-photographer wife as well as his goldfish.

Court Merrigan's
work has appeared in Pindeldyboz and insolent rudder, among others. A graduate of Creighton University, he also holds an MA in Japanese from the University of Sheffield. He has lived in various places East and West and currently resides in Thailand. He is working on a collection of short stories, and can be contacted at courtmerrigan@hotmail.com.

Michael F. Smith
has stories published or upcoming in a variety of publications including Texas Review, Pindeldyboz, storysouth.com, Lake Effect: A Journal of Literary Art, and has received the Transatlantic Review Award for fiction in 2002. He lives with his wife in Alabama, where he teaches at Auburn University. He is currently at work on a first novel. You may write to him at mfscss@hotmail.com.

Mark Vender
is an Australian living in Colombia, putting the finishing touches on his first novel, and working on a set of short stories. One of them appears in the Winter 2004 issue of Slow Trains. He can be contacted at markvender@yahoo.com.au.