You will notice this issue of The Summerset Review has no Interview with an Editor section. This is to let you know that we have not been slacking off. We decided to be a bit bold and brazen in our planning this time, contacting The New Yorker in September.

"Deborah Treisman has been overwhelmed with interview requests, and sadly is going to have to pass on this interview right now," is what we received in reply, from one Field Maloney, Fiction Coordinator, in November.

Don't worry, David Remnick, we are not canceling our long-standing subscription, at least not yet. But we'd like to remind you to remember the little people once in a while.

And now on to bigger and brighter. We are happy to have mention of our little online literary journal in the current issue of Other Voices. Gina Frangello was inspired by the interview we did with her (see our Summer 2003 issue) and elaborated further on the world of contemporary literary fiction. Read about it in OV #39.

We're excited about the stories in our Winter 2004 issue, and hope you find them entertaining as well.

We start with a wedding in Dubai, where Maura Madigan's "An Arrangement" is set. It's a wonderful story involving marriage contracts, both those that are written and those that are not.

'And there was this idea I had that I'd finally found someone I could be happy with,' says Pam Mosher's protagonist in her story, "The Secret Joy of Just One Thing." To which a friend in the story responds, 'Another person can't make you happy. You have to make yourself happy.'

Usually there is an association between pregnancy and pickles, or pregnancy and ice cream; some type of craving the expectant mother experiences. In "Seeing Red," by Paul Silverman, you will find a slight twist on who exactly may be wanting that beef Wellington.

Troy Morash takes a character from his previously-published work and gives us a new episode, where we find the ascending and not altogether pleasant Mrs. Mud in her latest predicament, "Mrs. Mud and her Basket of Apples."

Thanks goes out to our contributors and all those who have submitted for consideration in this issue.

Joseph Levens Editor
Amy Leigh Owen Assistant Editor
S. Malkah Cohen Assistant Editor
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