Lisa Ohlen Harris lived in Syria and Jordan for several years in the 1990s. She now writes from Fort Worth, Texas, where she lives with Todd and their four children. Her personal essays on the Middle East have appeared in Eclectica and Rosebud and are part of a larger work in progress. Lisa has also recently published nonfiction in flashquake and The Rose and Thorn. To write Lisa or read more of her work, visit her website at
Michael Hartford is a writer and software developer living in Minneapolis with his wife and twin sons. His stories have appeared in, or are forthcoming from Failbetter, small spiral notebook, Pindeldyboz, Ballyhoo Stories, and Duck & Herring. He can be contacted at:
Tammy R. Kitchen lives in Michigan. Her work has appeared, or is scheduled to appear, in Pindeldyboz, Prairie Dog 13, Apollo's Lyre, Ululation, Word Riot, Wild Violet, Ascent Aspirations, and Poor Mojo's Almanac(k). She may be contacted at
After graduating from Boston College in 2002, Jillian Schedneck moved to London and worked for a publishing company. An essay of hers appears in The Common Review. She is now completing her MFA in creative writing at West Virginia University. She can be reached at
Sandi Sonnenfeld is the author of This Is How I Speak (2002: Impassio Press), a memoir in diary form that recounts her first year in the MFA program in fiction writing at the University of Washington. Her short stories and essays have appeared in more than two-dozen periodicals including Voices West, Sojourner, MARGIN, Ion, The Raven Chronicles and Hayden's Ferry Review. Sandi currently resides in Brooklyn and can be reached at