Zane Kotker lives above the Connecticut River, halfway between her childhood home in Vermont and the playground in Manhattan where she raised her kids. Her novels include Bodies in Motion, A Certain Man, and White Rising from Knopf, as well as Try to Remember from Random House. As for stories, she's still trying to get it right. Write to her at
Corbitt Nesta is a retired ESL and English/Italian translation college instructor. Her stories and essays have appeared on, Dead, and in Transitions Abroad. She lives in Italy and you may write to her at
Kevin Spaide is from upstate New York but has lived in Ireland for several years. His work has appeared recently in Ghoti, Verbsap, Toasted Cheese and Punk Planet. He can be contacted at
Philip Suggars was born in the United Kingdom and lived and worked in Latin America for six years. He currently lives in Barcelona. His work has appeared previously in Espresso Fiction. He can be reached at
Steven Torres' writing experience has, until this time, been restricted to the mystery/crime genre. He's published several novels in a series known as the Precinct Puerto Rico novels, and has published several short stories in places such as Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and CrimeSpree Magazine. His story in this issue represents his first attempt at submitting work to a literary publication. Write to him at