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1. Near the end of "Cheese & Crackers," the father says, "We didn't lie to you. We misled you. For your protection. For your own good. There's a difference." Do you agree with what he said and did?

2. In "Unsolicited," what message did the essay leave you with, aside from a simple chronicling of irksome episodes the author experienced?

3. Though narrative styles differ from piece to piece, the voice in "Captivity" most closely resembles the voice in what other story appearing in this issue? Briefly explain why.

4. In "De Nada," what is the meaning and significance of the title?

5. Although the writer of the essay, "Korean Soul Food" disliked kimchee, did the story effectively bring out elements of Korean culture? What, in particular?

6. Why is there a 5-ball on the cover of this issue?