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1. In "Standing Woman," the narrator asks, "How do you know when you're an artist?" She is given the answer, "A person is an artist when he just doesn't have another choice." Embellish this thought.

2. What specific image in "Little Witches" stood out for you the most?

3. In the end of "True Love and Paranoia in the Hermit Kingdom," the essayist says about Korea, "...escape always underlies my thoughts. I stay, though." Have you experienced in your own life a similar circumstance where there was a conflict of staying vs. leaving? Briefly relate.

4. Take the elements of "Bathtub Mary" that might be viewed as irreverent in the Catholic faith, and compare them to the elements of the story which are consistent with Catholic beliefs and principles. Overall, where did the story leave you, with respect to these positions?

5. In "Sea Change," what is the significance of the scene near the end where Molly stumbles upon Laura Perez?

6. Which of the images in the doll photo collection do you like best, and why?