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1. Explain what was running through your head in "Shoes, Falling," as Daisy was about to sign the paper absolving the landlord of his liability. Were you able to identify more with Daisy, or her daughter who comes into the room at this point and tears up the agreement?

2. Do you think some of the specific incidents that occur in "Like, Popular" breach into the surreal? For example, there is a scene when blood splatters on Mrs. Tate's desk and her immediate reaction is simply a sigh. Discuss how realistic you believe all the events are in this story.

3. Were any new or different aspects of life inside a restaurant revealed to you in "The Art of Waiting"? What in particular?

4. In the end of "I Love You in Farsi," do you think the airplane is coming or going?

5. Discuss one of the most emotionally moving parts of "Brick and Mortar," in your opinion.