Daniel DiStasio received his MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University. His fiction has appeared in The Minnetonka Review, Pinyon, Gertrude Press, and The Caribbean Writer. A former editor for General Media, his feature writing has been published in The Out Traveler, Southern Voice, New Jersey Magazine, and many regional newspapers. He won the Key West Literary Guild’s Short Story contest in 2003 and 2004. He works for Alyson Adventures and leads adventure tours in Peru, Southeast Asia and Iceland. He lives in Key West, FL and can be reached at dantidi@aol.com.
Marko Fong spends much of his free time watching reality television and surfing the web. His family often asks "What happened to you?" He maintains a blog at www.chancelucky.blogspot.com. He did go to college, but avoids all reunions out of fear of embarrassment. He remembers the Cuban Missile Crisis but has never claimed to have been at Woodstock. He lives and works in Northern California with his family, pets, satellite dish, and DSL connection. Sometimes he plays basketball on the Astroturf-covered floor of his local school's multipurpose room with a bunch of other middle-aged men.
Sandra Maddux-Creech's work will appear in Thema in the spring and has appeared in Arabesques Review, SmokeLong Quarterly, Ballyhoo Stories, and other places. She has been a finalist in contests sponsored by Glimmer Train and Many Mountains Moving. She earned her MFA at Colorado State University and can be contacted at madduxcreech@msn.com.
Sandra Gail Teichmann-Hillesheim’s books include Slow Mud (poetry), Killing Daddy (novel), and Woman of the Plains (edited history). She is a playwright, with Mockernut Street, Corinne, and Not Laughing recently staged. Her stories, dramas, essays, and paintings have appeared in a variety of literary journals and anthologies. She is professor of literature, theory, and creative writing at West Texas A&M University. Write to her at steich0613@aol.com.