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Our Lit Pick of the Quarter is from Gulf Coast this time, Volume 20 Number 2, Summer/Fall 2008. Written by Brenda Miller, it is an essay entitled "Table of Figures," with the rather unusual characteristic of being in third person. A girl is growing up, ultimately alone but trying to love her own self. The dreamy prose drew us in completely, and we hope it will do the same to you. Here is the first paragraph -

A girl becomes aware of herself as a girl. She is approximately five years old (maybe six, at the oldest seven). Note the mother instructing this girl that she now must wear a T-shirt while playing in the summertime with the boys on the block. Note the girl's naked torso, her downward gaze onto an expanse of bare flesh punctuated by two flat nipples. Outside the sun bears down, its heat insistent, but the afternoon breeze a familiar pleasure on this skin. Radiating lines from the girl's face indicate a new source of heat: the first inklings of shame. But also—beneath, within, around that shame—something more complex, a deeper pleasure, the first inklings of power.

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