Some of the work we received for consideration in this issue had a distinct, logistical characteristic. Over the course of a few weeks in the spring, there was an onslaught of submissions appearing in our inbox from students of Brigham Young University.

How this came to be, we don't know. Perhaps an influencial graduate student was behind it all? Or maybe an English professor there singled out The Summerset Review for some odd, beautiful reason, and assigned the class a project to send literary work our way?

In reviewing the submissions, we were impressed, and we're happy to publish one of them in this issue, a nonfiction piece by an undergraduate, Amy Takabori, titled "A Reluctant Enthusiast," her first publication. We want to thank all those at BYU who tried us, and warm appreciation goes to the person who inspired all of this, whoever you are.

Our Lit Pick of the Quarter this time is set inside a Catholic high school. Found in Blue Mesa Review, Issue #23, Spring 2010, the story is written by Steven Ramirez, titled "Judas Didn't Wear Shoes Anyway," where two students, Carlos and Espiridión, dole out the food in the cafeteria during lunch. We liked the narrative flair here: first person moving briefly to second person for emphasis. Two short excerpts illustrate -

Long hair was a big no-no at San Vicente—right up there with murder and coveting thy neighbor's wife—and if you tried to point out that our Lord Jesus Christ had hair like Robert Plant, it was detention for you, wise ass.


I was in charge of the taquitos. Three per tray. No exceptions. Salsa upon request.

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