Each quarter, we award fifty dollars and a complimentary print issue to one or more readers who submit the best feedback on pieces appearing in the current issue of The Summerset Review. The goals of this unique contest are to promote the awareness and visibility of literary magazines in our world and culture, and to get continued assurance that we have indeed connected with our readers.

For information on how to submit your feedback, see our Guidelines page. There is no entry fee. Submissions must be made by September 1, 2010, and comments must pertain to material in this issue.

Our award winner this quarter is -

Naomi Bergner of Cocoa, Florida

Naomi writes of "Pearl Story," short fiction by Francine Witte that appeared in our Spring 2010 issue -

The manipulative child was downright scary, even more so because I see this behavior occurring with adults and children that I know. The child tries to control the parent, and the parent allows it ... Is the little girl born with her scheming personality, or does she learn it from watching her mother, who is obviously fairly devious herself?