The end of a month begins
summer at last
ringing away

Another draws into view
October's first moon
already slipping

into the last afternoons
of September
a buff imprint

An old song rattles
"Woke up this morning
this bone in my head"

The words flutter
and then run out
like an abacus

A single curled leaf
is a message
one afternoon

a tiny scroll
falling open
"Watch the stone"

Late sun makes an
assignment stone
is October's clock

after two weeks
lift one stone and find
its thumbprint

simpler than September
worn like coin

The stars go to and fro
like punctuation

They add up to
great totals
but are no answer

drifting all October
across and down
the sky

Below children play
with death
gaudy ornaments

little riddles
"Why does the skull smile
Why shouldn't he"

candy teeth
that make a rosary
too late

October commemorates
the seasons
by December

snow will have covered
the year
as though forever

It is the beginning
of white
for two months

One morning fall here
in a single night
a wreath of damp

chill on windshields
quiet in driveways
before the traffic

Eggs in a carton
a strand of soft pearl
on a porch step

a little moisture
polishing them
in the open air