Candidly crushing on my flimsy heart,
Flutter-fluttering, buzz-buzzing,
A racy sixty miles per hour deepness,
She, a bee sting with a needle tattooing
Her transparent feelings onto goose bumps
Near my wavering pulse.

Tingly summer skin, dizzy June bugs.
Windows rolled down, traversing gravel roads,
A u-turn, we put on straw hats and sunscreen,
Cover up silence with loud radio frequencies,
Folk music prolongs, harmonica blows
A mouthful of airy blues.
She doesn't hear me when I tell her,
My heart, she's distracted.

A speckled yellow twilight unfolds
Across the journey of our moving mountains,
Confounding my heart's shape,
Shredding it in half, then in fourths,
Ripping it like letters, crumpled,
A hundred itty bitty rips, tossed out the
Back seat window, scraps of cursive and doodles
Littering country roads.

Traffic light flashes red at an intersection.
Her standstill motions, my faltering emotions.
Her solid heart on the brakes,
My delicate heart horizontally flat on her wheel.
Her truck panics,
Anxiety pleas for a breather,
Nervosa immobilized.
A green light signals for us to go again.
My cautious heart hesitates,
Cannot stop hemorrhaging.