In the Editors' Notes of our Spring 2013 issue, we wrote about the increasing number of literary journals now charging submission fees—something that we find discouraging to writers. We'd like to follow that up with an idea, or perhaps a plea: What if these journals were to waive the submission fee if the writer had a subscription? A few journals do have this policy, but not many. Most guidelines of literary magazines highly recommend reading one or more issues before submitting. (We are no exception.) We think waiving a submission fee for subscribers is consistent with this guideline and may even result in more readers. Managing Editors of journals who now charge for submissions: Please consider this?

Congratulations to those contributors whose work published here has been nominated this past year for further acclaim. Below we list the nominations:

Best American Essays

"Bare" by Caroline Horwitz (Fall 2013)

"Via i Yanki! (Go Home Yanks)" by Corbitt Nesta (Fall 2013)

"Legacy" by Erica Sklar (Winter 2014)

"The Incredible Elk versus Sally P. Squirrel" by Jenniey Tallman (Fall 2013)

Pushcart Prize (poetry)

"Sanitation Department" by John Gray (Fall 2013)

"Where I Could Not Quit Wondering" by Christopher Michel (Summer 2013)

"Earthworm" by Wendy Oleson (Fall 2013)

Pushcart Prize (fiction)

"Stealing" by Robert Day (Winter 2014)

"The Songbird Clinic" by Jean Ryan (Fall 2013)

"Things Better Left Unsaid" by Bryan Shawn Wang (Winter 2013)

Sundress Publications' Best of the Net (poetry)

"Flame" by Kate Asche (Winter 2013)

"Same" by Holly Hendin (Summer 2013)

"Another Adam Speaks" by Amanda Newell (Winter 2013)

"Breakers" by Irene O'Garden (Summer 2013)

"Graffiti in Braille" by Barbara Strasko (Fall 2012)

"Driving West After Sunset" by Helen Wickes (Fall 2012)

Sundress Publications' Best of the Net (prose)

"Stalled" by Allora Campbell (fiction, Summer 2013)

"Elephant" by Laura Farmer (fiction, Summer 2013)

"Floating in Arashiyama" by Loren Stephens (nonfiction, Fall 2012)

storySouth's Million Writers Award

"The Bread Knife" by Nancy Bourne (Summer 2012)

"Fireweed" by Karin Rosman (Winter 2013)

"No Cat, No Father" by Alana Ruprecht (Summer 2012)

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