It was a bit hotter than usual this summer in the Northeast, which may explain the skew toward poetry in this issue. You will see in the Table of Contents seven poets and only three prose writers. Did we just not feel like reviewing longer work? We certainly hope not. And we don't think that is what happened.

The weather—it's always the first source we blame when things don't go quite the way we would have liked. In this case, it would have been nice, as is usually our custom, to publish at least four prose pieces.

If we leave the heat out of it, we can conceive a few other reasons (excuses?) for the shortage. For one, the lack of a slush pile. Some of you may already know this—that we've never had such a thing. We treat all submissions objectively and do not solicit. Perhaps if we did, we'd have more of an obligation to publish incoming work that answered our specific invites.

We would have had four prose pieces this time around had it not been for an odd occurrence, something we've never before experienced. An acceptance note (actually several, regarding the same story) gone unanswered. We followed up with a letter to the address on the manuscript. Nothing. We would have called if given a phone number. (Do editors still make acceptance calls these days?)

There is one interesting characteristic about the three prose pieces you do see in our Fall 2016 issue. As our Contributors' Notes indicate, the works are first-time publications in the genre—a complete coincidence, we assure. Congratulations to these writers. We wish them all good things in their future writing lives. And, of course, congratulations to our other contributors here as well, some making not their first appearance in Summerset.

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