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Editors' Notes
On the Street in Kabul - nonfiction by Robin Fasano
Standing in the Pantry of Myself, Gluten-Intolerant and Jonesing for Brownies - poetry by Ashley Kunsa
Two Poems - by Ayten Tartici
The Point of No Return - fiction by Cécile Barlier
Track 68 - poetry by Benjamin Schmitt
Small Song for October - poetry by Barbara Crooker
Free Range - nonfiction by Ashley Adler
Assisted Living - poetry by Erin Murphy
Two Poems - by Simon Perchik
Blood and Salt - fiction by Bim Angst
Daffy Autobiographical Symphony, in 6 Snippets - poetry by Alan Irid Fendi
A Heralding - poetry by Fred Dale
Contributors' Notes

Book Review - Lovers and Loners by Jean Ryan
Book Review - Dots & Dashes by Jehanne Dubrow