With the release of this issue we would like to wish our intern, Casey L. Williams, heaps of good luck in the future. She did some wonderful work helping us to get everything just right for summer, especially the poetry, and she has also contributed an insightful book review.

Our incoming intern, Catalina Righter, deserves some congratulations, as she has just won what we believe may be the biggest literary award internationally, and certainly the biggest for university undergraduates: Washington College's Sophie Kerr Prize. The award is for approximately sixty-six thousand dollars and goes to a student who has demonstrated the best ability and promise for future fulfillment in the field of literary endeavor.

We are continuing to provide audio tracks for selected poetry. You will see a little image of a speaker next to the titles of poems by Kelly Lenox and Kendra Tanacea. We invite you to listen and enjoy them.

Also in this issue is a first for us: a collaboration feature merging the work of poet Denny Kolakowski and artist Bud Gibbons.

Best wishes for a glorious summer!

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