there's excitement inside me
a tuned-up car, detailed
hugging each curve to Hana
cocktails in cup holders
waterfalls & a peacock
what a beauty
a strong & pungent off-gassing
a bus ride with a kind driver
even the strange dog didn't bite me
lucky day going forward regularly
this glowing bus is gorgeous
no reports of break-ins
no litter at my feet
I must have kissed you
a hundred times tonight
a bird at the feeder
I couldn't help a little soft-shoe
isn't the spaghetti delicious
even the rain opened pink succulents
the road winds so nicely around the hillside
skin alive & receptive
wind & touch &
spontaneous goosebumps
this feeling in your core
a murmuration of starlings
you're a great blue heron
on unseen currents
oh to be bird & kite & panther
it's not the heart but a sensation
sun-core radiating warmth
spill of warm tea on your lap
it's not love for another
but for self and other
bright auras overlapping
in imagination or confusion
a steel rod still glowing from fire
hot glass ballooning at the end of the straw
excitement & calmness of soul
lava glowing & inching forward
around stone & tree & me
sighing when it meets the sea