We wish to announce the following nominations recently made for various award anthologies:

Pushcart Prize

"Articulation in the Key of a Couple Whose Child Lived for Three Days (Tenuto)" by Chelsea Dingman, Fall 2016 (poetry)

"and drop" by David Gillette, Summer 2016 (fiction)

"Then Neither of Us" by Christopher Heffernan, Winter 2017 (fiction)

"Children in Harvest" by Peauladd Huy, Summer 2016 (poetry)

"Transactions" by Erin Murphy, Fall 2016 (poetry)

"Second Opinions" by Becky Tuch, Spring 2016 (fiction)

Best American Essays

"Help Me See Clear: Reflections on Rain" by Lilly Schneider, Winter 2017

"Mysteries Under a Western Sky" by Verleen Tucker, Fall 2016

Best American Short Stories

"Insert Name" by Darrin Doyle, Summer 2016

"Adrift" by Marlene Olin, Summer 2016

"Second Opinions" by Becky Tuch, Spring 2016

Best American Travel Writing

"Three Cubans" by Nicholas Lord, Summer 2016

"Cool" by Alex Tronson, Fall 2016

PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers (inaugural)

"The Asphodel Meadow" by Jim Cole, Fall 2016

Sundress Publications' Best of the Net

"Nocturne with Worms" by Kevin Casey, Summer 2016 (poetry)

"Sex Ed: Selected Parables" by Krista Christensen, Spring 2016 (nonfiction)

"Drone - Home Front" by Kim Garcia, Winter 2016 (poetry)

"Circles" by Toby Tucker Hecht, Fall 2015 (fiction)

"Uses of Cotton (Visibility)" by Le Hinton, Spring 2016 (poetry)

"Why I Am Not an Evangelist" by Kelly Lenox, Fall 2015 (poetry)

"Hell's Kitchen Purgatory and What I Learned While Attended CUNY Law School" by Jacob Margolies, Winter 2016 (nonfiction)

"Manifest" by Jane Miller, Winter 2016 (poetry)

"Our Two Fires" by Jed Myers, Spring 2016 (poetry)

"Second Opinions" by Becky Tuch, Spring 2016 (fiction)

Good luck to these and all of our contributors. And for you readers, thank you for continuing to give us a look. Best wishes for a happy holiday season.

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