this diminishing
                around the edges
                                      of things
gives them form
               the way an ancient or     
text or tablet
                  grows legible      
                                 depending on one's age
and predilection
                       or the sky releases
                                              just a patch
or pattern of light
                        one might once have tried
                                                          to love
after drop-off in traffic
                               one's face looks back
                                                          tired and exposed
despite everything
                        one tried to give up
                                              while holding the pose
a little longer
                  please I hear
                                   pull down the sky and let
the clouds fall down as rain

                                     the recurrent
                                                        childhood house
and school
                by now impossible
                                    to navigate by heart                
nor do phone buttons
                                   the overgrown empty field
still runs
          beside a kind of station
                                           I'm still standing in
a terminus
             from which once
                                   one might have started out
then returned to      
                    by a different route
                                           so elegant
or metaphorical, as in
                            dreams of such
                                               a place
built in to the high
                         old way
                                  its glass arched roof
            and beautiful
                             the smoke somehow
escapes from
                   so many people
                                        embracing in the middle
of the marble floor
                          all day and night
                                               one reckons
mostly supplanted
                         by rushed
                                       lingering at the curb.