March 22, 2020

The Summerset Review would like to share a few thoughts with regard to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide.

Firstly, if you are with significant means, please donate to a worthy source.

The U.S. Government is likely to implement a bill that will provide short term relief (in addition to unemployment insurance) to individuals and businesses in need. We do not know how the Government will determine who will qualify for this relief. If you are an eventual recipient of funds and truly do not need the money, we believe you should do the right thing and either divert the payout to someone you know who is indeed in need, or donate it, or decline it so that the Government has more to give elsewhere. No organization is a bottomless pit of assistance.

Let's all put our heads together, fill ourselves with love and compassion, and do what we can to help each other weather the storm and become stronger than ever.

If you are looking for something to do while wrestling with cabin fever and social distancing, we have all of our issues since 2002 available to read online without advertisements, without fees, without strings of any sort. Why not take this difficult time as an opportunity to fall into something that may be new for some of you, or something that you've always loved but never really had enough time to invest in. Here is where you can start: Previous Issues

Walking around the neighborhood on Long Island today, we saw, written in chalk at the foot of many driveways, inspirational messages. "Be Possitive" (yes, a misspelling; it would have been flagged had it been a submission to us), "Love One Another Now More Than Eva," "Party Here When It's Over, People" (if you are interested in the address, and the date of the party after this all blows over, write to us and ask).

We literary folk are a unique breed. We love our art, we love life, we read as a means of escape, as a means of consumption and learning, as a means of survival. Be genuine. Be true. Be kind. Be fair. Believe that you have the power to help, even if it is in small and seemingly insignificant ways.