Carrying the Torch

Trust me: I know this much is true.

Andrea Lee thinks about Yvonne, the life before her eyes, the good life, the unbearable lightness of being.

You have the wrong man: the man of my dreams for the relief of unbearable urges, a bit on the side, the three button trick and other stories.

Blueprints for Building Better Girls

Now you see her, on the way to the Venus de Milo, the send-away girl, (not that kind of girl—Barbara the slut and other people), a collection of beauties at the height of their popularity, tiny beautiful things, a manual for cleaning women, a plan for women, women who think too much. How to accommodate men, a life in men, the dark side of love, the undervalued self.

Story of my life: never good enough—why I'm like this.

How to Be Alone

Are men necessary? The way men act because they wanted to... A girl becomes a comma like that!

Why did I ever? You are not the one. We are never meeting in real life. Let's pretend this never happened. How did you get this number? Who do you think you are? Enough about you!

The state we're in altered states, the shape of things to come.

Welcome to my country: The celibacy club. Unless... contents may have shifted.

(Both ways is the only way I want it.)

Image provided courtesy of Julie Benesh.