For My Sister (Sheroes)

Some woman passed through this gown.
Some woman’s spirit slipped on.
Some woman’s heart, crying out in pain,
                                      cried all night,
and then she too was gone.
Some other woman slipped out of it,
returned home, and helped change
the way cancer eats away a cell from itself.

And some woman survived because
that woman slipped away from this gown
now draped around me,
        and because of her,
they found a way.
Now, another woman, me,

who will never meet those women,
those brave women, and yet,
                        because of them,
here I am, walking out of this gown
like all the other women survivors,

me, walking free from the monster.
        And the spirits of those sisters
gone, also walking away,
but as for them, they took flight
on the strength of wings, leaving
me all that hope
        that now carries me every day.