This is a milestone issue for us, as it rounds out twenty complete years of The Summerset Review. Starting in the fall of 2002, the journal has been released quarterly, faithfully, and unfailingly. (Who was it that said you should never use adverbs in your writing?) We are very proud of our eighty issues that have hit the virtual street.

What we said in 2002 still stands today: "This is being brought to you without profit, and in fact, without revenue of any sort. Bad business model, you say? Not really. Business is far from our intention."

We want to thank, once again, all our loyal readers and followers, all our contributors over the years, and all those who thought highly enough of us to send in their work for review.

A few staff announcements —

Firstly, let's welcome Nicolette Ashley Visciano, who will be going into her senior year studying Creative Writing at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Nicolette recently stumbled upon our humble journal and graciously asked to help out, and so, this makes her more than an intern; our masthead lists her as our Summerset Scholar. Welcome, Nicolette.

Erin Murphy, our Poetry Editor, recently won Rattle's 2021 Readers' Choice Award. Congratulations, Erin, and thank you for doing all things poetry with us, now for five years running.

As for me, I just earned an MFA in Creative Writing this past May from Stony Brook University. Kind of odd, I imagine, as the same individual founded this journal twenty years ago. Sometimes things work in reverse, I suppose. Now if I can only publish one of my books, I'll be all set. (All you literary agents out there: Talk to me!)

And so, it's time to get on with it: Happy reading and happy summer!

J Levens

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