like the person I just told you about,
the twenty-nine-year-old
in the scenario
for the question
for the study guide
for the exam,
how she's twenty-nine
and pregnant
and comes in your office
and says she's drinking on weekdays
and using cocaine on weekends
and wants to stop
because she's pregnant
but just found out
and are we supposed to call Child Protective Services
and the answer is no,
that option is wrong,
because she just found out she's pregnant
and she wants to change
and if we call Child Protective Services now
we've lost her
and we didn't give her a chance,
but there's this strange thing
where I see someone else
and the answers are so easy
where it's as simple as quitting the drinking
and the cocaine
and being appreciative that you're pregnant,
how many people would love to be pregnant
and never will be,
and how weird it is
to see it as so simple,
when it's not so simple,
and maybe even unfair to them,
to these hypothetical characters,
I suppose,
then also
how maybe it isn't that easy
for that hypothetical person,
but it is that easy
for me,
that if I'd just get out of my way
and be thankful
extremely thankful
that I'm alive,
all the dead
from when I was in the military,
how they'd love to be alive
and here I am.
Here I am.