for Lisa

    1.  The right hip bone is the most valuable part of the corpse—it is what we call a rare find:
         a grand canyon suddenly overflowing with rivers; the tablet on which Moses recorded the
         fresh ideas of God.

    2.  When the right hip bone speaks, it speaks eloquently in fragments—speaks on behalf of a
         thousand mouths that hold beneath their tongues the bomb & blaze of September:
         the most enduring lines of Sappho.

    3.  Under extreme pressure, the right hip bone will draw nameless territories onto
         highly-sophisticated maps—it will occupy a space of everywhere: shapeshift into the color
         of a claw or lung, then bleat among the rubble.

    4.  Of cloud shapes, the right hip bone is the difference between an angling plane or ivory
         tusk—meaning, it is any small trick of the eye: a hangnail or paper cut; the brushstrokes of
         Picasso or Braque.

    5.  Scientifically, the right hip bone is a bone that belonged to a body which belonged to a girl,
         whose limbs—somewhere—still move, seriously, with life ... see there?—even dust has a
         capacity for gleaming.