Imagine her    cheating    on you           then think    you           rather
she did         on the coffee table            sits a green moth    you pinch
its wings    legs running    on air            you don't       trust     survival
out   in the rain    like a beggar              the ghost    of your grandma's
brother    who died       before           she             was born     I swear
I        was there    grandma says       describing    her mother's scream
wide    as a siren       her father         carrying    a water-logged    boy
like firewood    laying him    beside      her      grandma eyes the heater
vents    like dry gills    that can't inhale      either wear socks         you
tell her    or    freeze    to death     it would take days     for your flesh
to cool    you think        when the heater          stops      wires    pang
Newton's Cradle       you resume              on wallpaper     her cold feet
she says    love    is for the ego           she means this    in a good way
you don't    want    another                  mother     if rain drops    really
grow    as they    fall    how              much    is left    to do    anyway?