December 15, 2020:

Suphil Park's debut collection of poetry, Present Tense Complex,
has won the Marystina Santiestevan Prize, and is forthcoming in 2021. "Flight into Focus," in our Fall 2020, will be included in the book.

Darin Doyle (Summer 2016) is releasing a new short story collection, The Big Baby Crime Spree and Other Delusions from Wolfson Press. Release date is March 2021.

Kevin Revolinksi's collection, Stealing Away: Stories, will be released by Back Burner Books in January 2021. "La Gatita," a story that appeared in our Spring 2017 issue, will be included in the book.

Barbara Daniels' book of poetry, Talk to the Lioness,
was released earlier this year by Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press. "Circus Girl's Story," a poem in our Fall 2018 issue, was included and formed the basis for the book's title.

Our Pushcart Prize nominees for this year are:

"Synonyms for Faith" by Meredith Davies Hadaway
Summer 2020 (poetry)

"Poem for Momma" by Karen Craigo
Summer 2020 (poetry)

"Birds in the Rain" by Kelly Whiddon
Fall 2020 (poetry)

"Women with Men" by Julie Benesh
Summer 2020 (fiction)

"Millstone" by Jane Snyder
Spring 2020 (fiction)

"History and Class Consciousness in the Time of Coronavirus"
by Erik Harper Klass, Summer 2020 (nonfiction)

We have nominated all short stories published in the journal from Spring 2020 through Winter 2021 issues for the annual anthology
Best American Short Stories.

Our Best of the Net nominees for this year are:

"John Henry’s Son Plots Revenge" by Jason McCall
Fall 2019 (poetry)

"Fifteen Miles from the End of Time" by John Gallaher
Fall 2019 (poetry)

"Feral: Primer" by Lee Peterson
Winter 2020 (poetry)

"[I have this secret see]" by Stephanie Staab
Spring 2020 (poetry)

"Poem for Momma" by Karen Craigo
Summer 2020 (poetry)

"Precautions" by Renee Emerson
Summer 2020 (poetry)

"White Womb" by Brianna Di Monda
Spring 2020 (fiction)

"Stars Above Detroit" by Jonathan B. Ferrini
Winter 2020 (fiction)

"No Holds Barred" by Natalie Mucker
Fall 2019 (nonfiction)

"Women-Returned" by Laura Hulthen Thomas
Fall 2019 (nonfiction)

The Literary Review will be publishing a story by Joseph Levens (our editor) in their upcoming Winter 2021 issue. The piece is from a set of two completed, linked novels that are currently unpublished, and so the author, just like everyone else, is enthusiastic about a much needed and promising new year ahead. Work of his will also be appearing in the next issue of Washington Square Review
(New York University).

We would like to thank all our loyal readers and those who submitted work to us this year, and we wish all of you a happy holiday season and best wishes for the new year.