This is the year of insanity, of insane things,
the backward walk, driving sideways
off road, the zigzag of zigzags

the time when the cantaloupe becomes a melon,
the farmer walking alongside his tractor.
This is the year when the mad man

is our President. The year that sprang upon
us like a cobra. We will pay for this.
We will pay for this with our eyes.

This is the year of stilled births and mothers
who have dropped their umbilical cords
before giving birth to their dead babies.

This is the year when a man wearing a dark suit
loses his tongue outside his cheeks, the man,
holding a lock and key even though

he is a mad man. This is the year when we wake
up to our sins, to our past, to the days when
we built dictators on steel legs

for other people to be swallowed.
This is the time of our reckoning, the day
of bells ringing across the country, telling us

you are a bunch of crazies to set a fool
so high, he thinks he is really who he is supposed
to be. This is the time of lies.



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